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Welcome to Delta Moon Company

A collection of hemp-derived, CBD wellness products to support you through all of life's phases.


ust like the lunar cycle, we move through phases in life. Sometimes we forget how much the patterns of nature are reflected in our day to day lives. And as surely as the moon takes to the sky every night, Delta Moon promises to offer you only the most authentic cannabis products that are 100% Natural, 0% Compromise, and always Sourced in the South – from seed to sale.

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Locally Sourced in the South. Quality CBD Wellness from Seed to Sale.

100% Natural CBD

At Delta Moon, we believe that it is our responsibility to deliver top of the line product from seed to sale. To us, that means 100% natural, 0% Compromise the way to go! From our organic fertilizers to our natural pest controls, we go to great lengths to ensure that only the highest quality, CBD products make it from our hands to yours.

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Slow Cannabis is Better

In a world that's always in a hurry, Delta Moon decided to slow down and focus on what’s important: you. From the long cure to hand trimming - we don’t rush a thing. This ensures you get the absolute cream of the crop, every single time. We believe in our CBD and our method, and want to bring you the wellness that you deserve.

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Lab Tested & Certified

In the world of organic, natural CBD, transparency is key. That’s why at Delta Moon not only does our crop far exceed the established organic standards, it is also third party tested and certified. Why is third party testing important? It guarantees non partial, unbiased product testing so that you know our product is not only of the highest quality, it is also the safest it can possibly be.

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Quality USA Hemp

While it is fast growing, the CBD industry is relatively speaking, still like a newly sprouted seedling. Which is why it's important that the CBD products you use are also sourced by someone you can trust, like Delta Moon. What better way to know that a company’s heart is the right place, than by knowing where its roots are? We believe that when it comes to quality CBD products, hemp grown right here in the Southern USA is just plain better.

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Raised in Living Soil

Delta Moon is unique in every way, and our soil is no exception. We raise our plants using living soil, a process which makes important nutrients more readily available for their roots to absorb. This method is surprisingly rare among cannabis farmers, but we think this makes for unique and flavorful cannabis.

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Amazing Benefits

Delta Moon is amazing! I feel like I can finally relax again. I was willing to try whatever to get a hold of my sleeplessness and Delta Moon CBD seriously gives me such an overall sense of calm and well being, not to mention a RESTFUL night of sleep! Thank you so much!

Jordan Anna

Mobile, AL.

No More Pain!

I have struggled with joint pain for a few years now, and over the counter pain relief really didn't help at all. A friend suggested trying CBD, and I have found Delta Moon Capsules to be the purest, most effective measure of easing my day to day pain. 

Eric L.

Daphne, AL

So Natural!

I've searched for full-spectrum hemp products in the past, but I get so caught up in trying to make sure it's a good one underneath all the flash, that it can honestly be a bit overwhelming. Delta Moon is the first one that I've come across that literally wears its heart on its sleeve. I seriously love how natural, sustainable, and transparent they are, on top of the amazing product that they produce!


Fairhope, AL

Local Delivery

We can deliver CBD products to your door! Local Delivery to Daphne, Fairhope, and Spanish Fort.

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