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Delta Moon Company

CannabisAbout the “Delta” in Delta Moon Company

About the “Delta” in Delta Moon Company

There is a warm breeze blowing across your face. You hear the faint hum of insects, the croaking of toads and tree frogs, and as you gaze out at the water, a nearby fish makes a splash while chasing a low flying dragonfly. There is, and always will be, something beautiful about one of the most stunning, unique ecosystems to which South Alabama is home: the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Delta Moon was aptly named for our appreciation and respect for one of Alabama’s natural wonders.

Dubbed “America’s Amazon” by Alabama born biologist E.O. Wilson, everything about the Mobile-Tensaw Delta lives up to this name. The name “delta” refers to an area of wetland that is formed where the water and sediment of a river flow into a larger body of water, such as the ocean. The Mobile-Tensaw Delta, is the product of the Alabama Watershed, a collection of rivers, creeks, lakes, bayous, cutoffs and sloughs that start in northern Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and even southern Tennessee, and flow all the way down to South Alabama. This watershed, one of the largest in the US, covers over ⅔ of Alabama, and carries over 33 trillion gallons of water each year. The Mobile-Tensaw Delta flows into Mobile Bay and into the Mobile Bay Estuary, the unique, almost nursery-like ecosystem where freshwater meets the salt water of the ocean. The Mobile-Tensaw Delta is among the largest in the United States and unique not only in size, but also in diversity.

Much like the living soil that Delta Moon uses to grow it’s cannabis plants (see previous post about Living Soil Cannabis) the Mobile-Tensaw Delta is absolutely teeming with life. This 45 mile long, 16 mile wide region is home to at least 500 species of plant, 126 species of fish, 300 species of bird, 30 species of amphibians, 46 species of mammal, and over 60 species of reptiles. It is home to the tiniest of fish such as the Rainbow Shiner, and also to larger predatory species like alligators and even bull sharks with the influx of salt water in the summer months.

The Mobile-Tensaw Delta is filled with nutrients from the rivers that feed it, which is what leads to this massive concentration of species and habitats, some of which are very rare, such as the bizarre and alien-like pitcher plant bogs. Each Spring, heavy rain causes areas of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta to flood, submerging land that is otherwise above water with nutrient rich water for up to three months. When the flood ceases, the fish and turtles that swam there will move on to be replaced with birds and land dwelling mammals, an extreme transformation that really shows off the biodiversity that the Mobile-Tensaw Delta has to offer.

It is this biodiversity that brings in thousands of people a year to partake in recreational fishing, nature observation, bird watching, and ecosystem study. However, like many natural ecosystems, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta faces the threat of irreversible change brought on by damming, heavy sediment loads, pollution, and overfishing. Sustainability is key when moving to conserve these natural habitats, and why Delta Moon will always have sustainability at its core.

Nature and the appreciation of natural resources will always be close to Delta Moon’s heart. We think about our great respect for the Mobile-Tensaw Delta and how it aids the agricultural yield of this state every time we say Delta Moon. We are aware of the role of nature in our cannabis production; from the water source that the Delta provides, as well as the nutrient rich soil that it creates to help fuel our company, our crops, and our customers. And as surely as the moon takes to the sky every night over the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, we promise to offer you the finest cannabis products that are 100% Natural, 0% Compromise, and always Sourced in the South.


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