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Living Soil Cannabis

When leafing through the shelves and considering which CBD products would best fit your needs, there is one factor that likely never crosses your mind: soil. We are all familiar with the expression “bloom where you are planted”; and when it comes to cannabis, it is more important than you would think that the blooms yielded to create your CBD products were planted somewhere that was well thought out and cared for.

That’s why at Delta Moon, we decided to use living soil to grow our high-quality cannabis plants. Although living using soil is not a widely adopted growing technique (yet) the quality of the product that it creates and it’s low environmental impact make it an effective and sustainable growing solution. We believe that when it comes to the 100% natural, 0% compromise part of our CBD mission, living soil is the best way to ensure that the products made from our plants are perfect from the ground (and below) up.

What exactly is living soil? Suffice to say, it is not far from how it sounds. It is specially curated soil teeming with microscopic life to create a unique, natural environment which breaks down organic material into rich nutrients. These nutrients are then absorbed by the plant’s roots, providing it with pure, less diluted materials it needs to grow strong and healthy.

A scoop of living soil might not look like much to the human eye, but on a microscopic level, it’s as busy as the streets of New York City. Microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, nematodes, and even some small insects, all live in a symbiotic existence. Sometimes, larger soil inhabitants such as earthworms will wiggle into the mix. The interactions and chemical exchanges of all of these organisms benefit the quality of the plant, and in the long run, the CBD product that it creates.

In keeping with Delta Moon’s mission to bring you the finest cannabis sourced in the south, living soil is also among the most sustainable techniques in which to farm cannabis plants. As aforementioned, the diverse community of microorganisms that exist in living soil produce all of the nutrients the plants need, eliminating the need for chemicals and fertilizer that can be harmful to the plant, the environment, and the consumer. The easy to absorb nutrients also keep the plant from becoming overly “thirsty”, which can happen to plants that are chemically fertilized as their nutrients are more solid and difficult to absorb. Because living soil makes nutrients so easy to absorb, the plants are more self-sufficient and require far less agricultural interference. Over time, the plants are healthier, live longer, and produce higher quality products.

Living soil is an incredible, natural technique that utilizes mother nature in all of her glory to create the finest quality plants and products. Products grown in living soil are undoubtedly better due to being the product of natural processing vs chemical fertilizing. We at Delta Moon are focused on bringing you the best of nature’s bounty, so next time you’re thinking about what CBD product to choose, remember that we always have our roots in the right place.


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